My school/organization is putting on a mental health awareness event – Can NAMI participate?

You may wish to start by consulting the Get Involved section of our website that provides valuable guidance when planning mental health Awareness Events.  There, among many topics, you will find helpful information on planning annual mental health awareness events, as well as downloadable graphics and other media-related items.

While NAMI does not offer “workshops” or trainings regarding mental health for public audiences, our local Affiliates offer several free presentations where NAMI peer speakers can come to your school/organization to talk about mental health.  You may find one of the following relevant for your awareness event:

  • NAMI Ending the Silence is a presentation designed for middle and high school students, school staff, and parents or guardians of middle or high school-aged youth. Audiences learn about the signs and symptoms of mental health conditions, how to recognize the early warning signs, and the importance of acknowledging those warning signs. 
  • NAMI In Our Own Voice is a presentation for the general public to promote awareness of mental health conditions and recovery. This program is also available in Spanish as “En Nuestra Propia Voz de NAMI.”
  • NAMI Compartiendo Esperanza is a bilingual presentation in English/Spanish for Latinx communities to promote mental health awareness, explore signs and symptoms of mental health conditions, and to highlight how and where to find help.
  • NAMI Sharing Hope is a presentation for African American communities to promote mental health awareness, explore signs and symptoms of mental health conditions, discuss how to talk about mental health and decrease stigma, an overview of recovery and how it’s possible, and highlights of how and where to find help within the community.

Also, we would encourage you to ask your local NAMI Affiliate about any additional programs they may offer to the public.  To find your nearest NAMI Affiliate, click on your state through the Find Your Local NAMI menu.

Finally, the following link to the NAMI Store is where you will find brochures and other NAMI materials for purchase.  Alternatively, fact sheets on mental health and NAMI logos may be downloaded for free from NAMI’s website.

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