I’ve run out of my medication. How can I get emergency medication?

You may wish to speak with your pharmacist to see if they are able to fill an emergency dose for you until your prescribing physician can call in a refill.
Another option is to go to your local emergency mental health/walk-in psychiatric service facility.  These resources and services vary by county/local jurisdiction and can be found by searching the website of your county or local jurisdiction’s Department of Health and Human Services. Once on the website conduct a search for the term “crisis” or  “emergency mental health services” in your area.
If you feel that you may be in crisis and have a prescription for your medication (or you don’t have a prescription), please consider visiting your nearest emergency room (ER). There, they may be able to honor the prescription and get you the medication you need or at least be able to monitor the symptoms. You should also notify your treatment provider as soon as possible.

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