How can I learn more about my medication's dosage and side effects?

Please note that the professionals and volunteer Specialists at NAMI are not mental health professionals.  We are unable to provide treatment advice nor maintain expertise in medications.  It would be best to consult with your prescribing physician or pharmacist regarding any medication-related questions.

You may wish to consult the Treatment section of NAMI’s website where you can learn about the types of mental health professionals and types of treatments, including psychotherapy and mental health medication.

Additional resources that may be of help:

  • NAMI Hearts+Minds is a wellness program designed to help better manage your mental and physical health with ways to advocate for your health, gut health and nutrition, diet and fitness, managing the side effects of medication, substance abuse and smoking cessation, and gaining a greater sense of control over your emotions. Available as a 4-hour seminar or 4-session course at  your local NAMI Affiliate.
  • U.S. National Library of Medicine Drug Information Portal is a website that offers a Drug Information Portal that provides information on over 80,000 medications.

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