How can I get help/support for dissociative disorders?

Note: NAMI volunteers are not medical or mental health professionals, and we cannot offer medical or mental health advice.  The material outlined below is informational and we hope that it helps provide guidance toward getting support.

You may wish to consult the Dissociative Disorders page of NAMI’s website where you will find information on the disorder, current treatments, ways to support recovery, and links to NAMI Discussion Groups that focus on topics related to Dissociative Disorders (create a account to participate in NAMI Discussion Groups).

The following resources may be of help: 

  • The Sidran Institute provides resources for individuals to help understand, manage and treat PTSD, dissociative disorder, trauma and self-injury. They maintain a HelpLine for information and referral and can be reached at (410) 825-8888.
  • Ivory Garden is a private forum for people who live with trauma-related conditions such as dissociative disorder and PTSD; weekly virtual meetings are available for those seeking support. 
  • Mosaic Minds is a peer-founded organization that provides an online clearinghouse of information and online community forums for people whose lives are impacted by dissociation.
  • Survivorship is a membership-based organization that provides support for survivors of extreme child abuse by offering resources, educational forums, and newsletters. 
  • International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation provides information about dissociation, treatment guidelines, and screening tools. 

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