I’m/my loved one will soon be released from prison. Does NAMI have any information on how to prepare for release?

If you or your loved one will be leaving prison soon, it is important to plan as far in advance as possible to ensure a successful transition. This will include everything from securing basic needs such as finding housing, getting identification, finding employment, restarting any benefits to ensuring treatment to manage your or your loved one’s mental illness.

You may wish to consult our website’s Reentry After a Period of Incarceration page where you will find information on how to plan for release to help with a successful transition. There, you can access the NAMI Coming Home Reentry Guide that discusses in detail topics that include securing basic needs such as medication, housing, health care, identification and many others.  Additional resources include. 

  • National Reentry Resource Center (NRRC) directory of local programs to assist post-incarcerated individuals.
  • JobsForFelonsHub is a web-based resource providing resources dedicated to helping former felons get employed again. The website also offers a “one-stop-shop” for information and resources including expungement services, employment services, housing, legal representation, to name a few.
  • National Reentry Resource Center’s MythBusters provides information to ensure that individuals can access essential services and benefits immediately upon release to help stabilize the first days/weeks post-incarceration.

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