I need an attorney – Where can I find legal help?

At NAMI, we appreciate how difficult it can be to navigate the legal system for those with mental illness. Please know that NAMI volunteers are neither legal professionals, nor can we offer legal advice or individual advocacy. 
A reliable source for finding legal representation is the American Bar Association that maintains a lawyer locating service. To find the legal referral service for your area, use the American Bar Association’s “ Find Legal Help" search function. In seeking counsel, you may wish to consider finding a lawyer with experience representing individuals with mental health conditions. 
If you (or your loved one) do not have the financial resources to hire legal representation — and the case involves a civil matter — the following resources may be of assistance (please keep in mind that legal aid organizations do not provide services for criminal cases):
  • LawHelp.org is an organization that provides information and resources for individuals who need low-cost legal help with civil legal cases. Use their law help locator to access information, self-help forms and a directory of legal aid services in your state.
  • The website helpwhenyouneedit.org offers a “Legal Assistance” tab in the drop-down menu under the “Select a Category” button. There, you will find a list of organizations that provide low-cost or pro bono legal assistance in your area.  

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