Where can I learn more about emotional support animals (ESA)?

The website Canine Journal provides a thorough discussion that outlines the differences between a Service Animal vs Therapy Animal vs Emotional Support Animal, including definitions for each, as well as an overview of the training and certification involved.  Additionally, the Dogs and PTSD section of the National Center for PTSD website discusses the emotional benefits of having a support dog, differentiates “emotional support animal” from “service animal,” and discusses what you need to consider when getting a support/service animal.

The following organizations may offer additional guidance:

  • Service Dog Central provides information about Service and Emotional Support Animals (ESAs).
  • Emotional Support Animal Registry is a website where callers can register their emotional support animals. Also provides a section that answers most frequently asked questions regarding ESAs.
  • Assistance Dogs International (ADI) offers a programs search map where you can locate accredited service animal organizations in each state, as well as resources on laws based on location.
  • America’s VetDogs provides service dogs to (only) Veterans, first-responders, and active-duty service members who are living with PTSD or other disabilities at no cost, by applying online. To reach directly, contact them at (866) 838-3647.

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