How can I find a mental health provider who is part of or has experience working with the Indigenous/Native community?

Many people find it easier to open up with people who “get” their experiences. While all mental health providers are trained in empathy, having a provider who is part of your community, or who has experience working with people from your community, can make a difference. 

Here are a few resources for your consideration: 

  • Psychology Today offers a “Find aNative American Therapist” directory. Use the search function to search by location, and narrow the search by mental health issues treated, type of therapy offered, type of insurance accepted, languages spoken and more. 
  • One Sky Center  which can be reached at (503)-970-7895, provides resources and a “Find a Therapist” locator for treating mental health and substance use disorder within Native American communities.
  • Therapy in Color offers a therapist locator for IndigenousPeople to connect with culturally aware therapists.  Use the search function to search by city or state. 

Please note that NAMI does not endorse any particular resource provided here. You are encouraged to thoroughly research a provider’s licensure, training, and experience, and  verify that a particular provider participates in your health plan, before engaging in treatment. 

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