Where can I get help paying for my medication?

The cost of prescription medications can be a financial burden, especially for individuals or families with inadequate or no insurance.  The following resources may be of help for those struggling to pay for their medications:  

  • Needy Meds offers information on their website on financial assistance programs to help defray cost of medication as well as a helpline: (800) 503-6897.  Website is also offered in Spanish.  
  • RX Assist provides an up-to-date directory of free and low-cost Patient Assistance Programs and other ways to manage medication costs.
  • RX Hope is a free patient assistance program for those in need to obtain critical medications.
  • USARX provides coupons online for downloading/printing that can be brought to the pharmacy to see if it will give consumer a lower price or beat their copay.
  • Blinkhealth Prescription Assistance is a program where individuals (with or without insurance) can pay upfront for medication online for the lowest price and then take a voucher to their pharmacy. Patient assistance line: (844) 366-2211; accepts calls 8-10 M-F, 9-7 weekends (EST); Spanish language option available.

Finally, the Partnership for Prescription Assistance Medicine Assistance Tool (MAT) is a search engine designed to help patients, caregivers and health care providers learn more about the resources available through the various biopharmaceutical industry programs. The MAT is not its own patient assistance program, but rather a search engine for many of the patient assistance resources that the biopharmaceutical industry offers.

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